We actively seek opportunities to spread excitement about science and to inspire future scientists. We always welcome enthusiastic and curious students to join our group and experience cutting-edge research as well as outreach activities. For those who are interested in inviting us to their classroom, please contact Prof. Joshua Lui (email: joshua.lui@ucr.edu).

Outreach to Benjamin Franklin Elementary School

(March 02, 2020)

Prof. Lui and Ph.D. student Jeremiah van Baren conducted a volunteer outreach activity in Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Riverside, California, on March 2, 2020 (the Read Across America Day). Prof. Lui gave lecture to two third-grade classes (each of just over 20 students) on the topic of force, gravity, and orbital motion. Prof. Lui demonstrated what the force is, what the gravity is, and how the gravity maintains the orbital motion of artificial satellites, the Moon, and the Earth. We enjoyed the time with the students and were impressed by their learning spirit and excitement on the demonstrations. Below are some photos of the outreach activity.